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3 Ways in Which Travelling Can Help Save Marriages

Look back to the genesis of your relationship. Think back to when you both began dating, the spark, the unending conversations, never get tired of seeing each other, etc. perhaps this continued while you both were courting albeit in a reduced and less obnoxious way. Then you got married, went on honeymoon and everything was great and everyone was happy. Fast forward 6 years and two kids later and that spark is gone, the once bubbling marriage is now nothing but a replay of the same boring episodes of your lives every day.

Don’t feel bad, it happens to a lot of people and rather than spending days in deep thoughts and frustration, why not spend that energy on thinking of ways to bring that spark into your marriage and life? Well, there is one thing that has been said and proven to help save marriages and make couples – travelling! Below are the ways in which travelling could help save your marriage:


  1. Helps Build Teamwork

Most of the problems of marriages stems up from the fact that along the line, couples tend to start doing things themselves and making decisions without consulting their better half.

However, with travelling, you and your spouse get to work as a team. From deciding on where to go, to planning the trip, down to the packing of luggage, and you definitely have to work together when you arrive your destination.

This time spent together deciding things and working together as a team that you are could remind you of how fun it is when you both used to work as a team and therefore change you and your spouse’s habit of doing things solo.


  1. Takes You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is that place in which you are most happy and at peace. It could be your phone or time with your friends, or your PlayStation. However, is hiding away in that comfort zone of yours beneficial to your marriage?

Travelling ensures you get out of the so called comfort zone and appreciate what matters the most – your better half. By travelling and spending time together, you are creating a comfort zone where you both are and this will in turn strengthen your marriage.


  1. It Helps Bring Back The Lost Things In Your Marriage

Travelling helps bring back most of the things that have been long lost in your marriage for a long time. Taking a romantic evening stroll through a garden or even down the street could help enhance and improve the romance in your marriage. Spending lots of alone time with your better half could also help remind you both why you fell in love with each other in the first place and other things you love about each other.


So anytime you feel your marriage isn’t as fun as it used to be, introduce the idea of going on a vacation. If this doesn’t work, you should try marriage therapy or talking things through yourselves.